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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bangladesh National University Syllabus

Bangladesh National University Syllabus: MA(Final)-English
Session from:2005-2006(New syllabus)
Course Description:
Subject Code---- Subject---------------------Unit -----Marks

1151 ---------Chaucer and Shakespeare------1.0---- ---100
1152 ---------Modern Poetry ----------------1.0------- 100
1153--------- Modern Drama ----------------1.0------- 100
1154--------- Modern Novel and Prose ------1.0-------- 100
1180 ---------Tutorial -----------------------0.5------ --50
1190 ---------Viva ---------------------------0.5 --------50

Total----------------------------------------- 5.0 --------500

Detailed Syllabus:

Subject Code-1151: Chaucer and Shakespeare
1.Chaucer-The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, The Nuns Priests Tale, Troilus and Cresyde
2.Shakespeare-Hamlet, Othello, king lear, Tempest, Measure for Measure

Books Recommended:

1W.P. Kerr,Medieval English Literature
2N.G. Coghill,The Poet Chaucer
3C.S. Lewis,The Allegory of Love
4M. Bowden,A Commentary on the General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales

Subject Code-1152: Modern Poetry

1Whitman-Song of Myself
2W.B. Yeats-Selected Poems (ed.Norman Jeffer excluding the pieces included in the First year Honours Course
3Robert Frost-Poems (as in Norton-excluding Stopping by woods on a Snowy Evening)
4W.H. Auden-Poems (as in Norton)
5.Dylan Thomas-Poems (as in Norton excluding Fern Hill)
6.Heany Seamus-Poems (as in Norton
Books Recommended:
1G.W. Cunliffe,English Literature during the last half of a century
2C.M. Bowra,The Heritage of symbolism
3V.De Sola Pinto,Crisis in Modern Poetry
4D.H. Lawrence,Studies in Classic American Literature
5Geofrey Dutton,Walt Whitman
6Phillip L. Gerber,Robert Frost

Subject Code-1153: MOdern Drama
1Synge-Riders to the Sea
2G.B.Shaw-Man and Superman
3-O NeilDesire Under the Elms
4Samuel Becket-Waiting for Godot
5A. Miller-Death of a Salesman
6Osborne-Look Back in Anger

Books Recommended:
1.H.Lawrence,Studies in Classic American Literature
2Murcus Cunlife,Literature of the United States
3Jean Gould,Modern American Playwrights
4H.w.Hubel,who are the major American Writers?
5Doris B. Folk,Eugene O Neil and the Tragic Vision
6G.W. Cunliffe,English Literature During the last half of a century

Subject Code-1154(A):Modern Novel and Prose
1E.Hemingway-A Farewell to Arms
2W. Golding-Lord of the Flies
3N. Hawthorne-The Scarlet Letter
4Aldous Huxley-Brave New World
5J. Paul Sartre-Nausea

1F.R. Leavis-Literature and Society
2Virginia Woolf-Shakespeare's Sister

Books Recommended:
1G.W.Cunliffe,English Literature during last Half a Century
2dmund Wilson,Axel's Castle
3Hallbrook Jackson,The Eighteen Nineties
4Perry Lubbock,The Craft of the Fiction

OR, Subject Code-1154(B)
Introduction to English Language Study: (This group is not for the Students pursuing the Honors Syllabus effective from the session 2001-2002)
Course Contents:
1Phonetics and Phonology:Vowel and Consonant Phonemes, IPA Transcription, Stress and Intonation
2Morphology:Morpheme, inflection, derivation and word fomation
3Determination, Modification, Tensed and Non Tensed Clauses, aspects, voice Constraints and Cohesion in English
4Semantics:Difficulties in defining meanings and seven types of Meaning.
5:Pragmatics:Transactional and International Function of Language, Discoursal Analysis, Speech Act and Conversational Analysis
Core Reading:
1Roach, Peter, 1991,English Phonetics and Phonology, Cambridge (CUP)
2Palmer, FR, 1981,Grammar, Harmondsworth
3Leech, G and J Suartvik,1975,A communication Grammar of English London: Longman.
4Halliday, M.A.K and Hason,1976, Cohesion in English London: Longman
5Maniruzzaman,M 2004,Advanced Reading and Writing Skills Dhaka: Friends Publication
6Leech,G,1974,Semantics (CUP)
7Brown and Yule1982,Discourse Analysis (CUP)

Recommended Reading:
1Coulthard M 1985,An Introduction to Discourse Analysis, London: Longman
2Palmer, F.R. 1982,Semantics(CUP)
4Ginson,A.C.1980,An Introduction to the Pronunciation of English, London, Edward Arnold.
5Searle, J.R. 1981,Speech Act, London (CUP)

OR, Subject Code-1154(C)
This is an Alternative paper only for the students pursuing the 4 years (Integrated) Honours Course according to the Syllabus effective from the session 2001-2002
Practical Criticism and Critical Theories:
A .Practical Criticism :50 marks
1 scansion 10 Marks
2 Critical appreciation of a poetic piece 10 Marks
3 Critical appreciation of a prose piece 20 Marks

This part of this paper aims at helping students learn how to interpret a text very closely.The focus will be to enable the students to identify figures of speech, rhyme schemes , stanza forms, metre, tone, style, setting and points of view i order to grasp the total meaning of the text.
B. Critical Theories:
In this part of this paper students will be required to familiarize themselves with the leading trends in Critical Theories. The focus will be on; Symbolism, Imagism, Structuralism, Histricism, Deconstruction, Psychoanalytic Criticism, Feminist Criticism, Post Colonial Theory, Readers Purpose theory etc.

Books Recommended:
A.1.Brooks and Warren,Understanding Poetry
2.David Daiches,Critical Approaches
3.Empson,Seven Ambiguities
4.I.A. Richards,Principles of Literary Criticism
5. Michael Ryan,Literary Theory:

A. Practical Introduction
B. 1. David Lodge (ed),Modern Criticism and Theory
2. Stanley Fish, Is there a Text in this class
3.Steeven Connor,Post Modernist Culture: A Introduction of the Theories of the Contemporary
4. Peter Barry,Beginning Theory

National University MA(Final) Syllabus
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